POM Breakwater Replacement

Port Orchard Breakwater Replacement


Request for Qualifications

The Port of Bremerton is seeking statements of qualificcations for Architectural/Engineering professional services for design development related tot he anticipated construction of the Port Orchard Marina North and East Breakwater Replacements.

BACKGROUND: The Port of Bremerton (Port) is a junior taxing district in the state of Washington, organized in 1913 under provisions of the laws of the State, codified at RCW 53.04.010 et seq. It is governed by a three-person elected Board of Commissioners. The Board of Commissioners appoints the Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for the Port's day-to-day operations. The Port owns and operates marine facilities which include two recreational marinas (Bremerton Marina and Port Orchard Marina), three boat ramps, two piers, and four small public park areas. The Port is interested in receiving proposals for the design, engineering, permitting and construction management of the replacement for the Port Orchard Marina North and East breakwaters. The existing Port Orchard Marina north and east breakwaters have protected vessels moored at the marina for more than 46 years. The existing breakwater consists of floats, guide piles, stake piles, and underwater mooring lines and was constructed in 1973 with additional elements installed in 1985. The Port Orchard Marina Breakwater project will replace 1500 linear feet of 12 feet wide public breakwater that protects the Port Orchard Marina including moorage for 341 permanent saltwater slips and 100 guest saltwater slips for recreational, regional transit, commerical, and liveaboard boaters. The Port Orchard Marina is located at 707 Sidney Parkway, Port Orchard, Washington, 98677.

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS (RFQ): A Request for Qualifications is the method of procurement used when elements such as experience, past performance, resources, method of approach, and other criteria are considered in addition to cost. The Port will review submitted proposals in accordance with the evaluation creiteria set forth herein. After receiving proposals but prior to award for contract, the Port may engage in discussions with responsible submitters and allow or negotiate proposal revisions. Contents of proposals are not publicly disclosed until after contract award.

RFQ SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Submit proposals in a sealed envelope to: Port of Bremerton Project Manager, James Weaver, 8850 SW State Hwy 3, Bremerton, Washington 98312 ATTN: Statement of Qualifications for Port Orchard Marina Breakwater Replacement by 12:00PM (noon), Wednesday, June 17, 2020 for the project entitiled "Port of Bremerton- Port Orchard Marina Breakwater Design and Permitting". Any proposal received after 12:00PM (noon), Wednesday June 17, 2020, will not be considered. Proposer shall assume full responsibility for timely delivery at location designated for receipt of proposals. Oral, telephonic, email, or other electronic delivery or proposals are invalid and will not receive consideration. 

Responders to this solicitation should provide four(4) copies of their statement of qualifications plus electronic PDF copy of all documents. Emphasis should be on completeness and clarity of content. RFQ responses should be prepared simply and economically, providing straight forward, concise description of provider capabilities to satsify the requirements of this request. No faxed, electronic, or telephone statments will be accepted.

For the Full Notice of Request for Qualifications, including Background, RFQ, Project Description, RFQ Requirements, Submission Requirements, Contract Issues, Selection Process and Timeline, Selectrion Criteria, please see attachments.