Airport Construction

Airport Construction

South Hangar RenderingSouth Hangar Rendering

Pilots, Please Note:

Check the airport’s Notices to Airmen (NOTAMs) frequently for the latest airport configuration. A design constraint of the airport’s AWOS-3 transcribed weather broadcast system on VHF 121.2 prevents verbally appending NOTAMs to the transmission. Do NOT rely on the AWOS-3 broadcast for NOTAMs information. There is none.


Runway/Taxiway/Signage Lighting Project – July 27 – November 1:

This project will replace all airport runway lights, taxiway lights, and signage.

Notice to Airmen:

Phase 1 July 27 – August 15: Barriers block access to these taxiways:

  • Taxiway A closed between Taxiway D and Taxiway G.
  • Taxiway E closed.
  • Taxiway F closed.

Please click here for a visual display of these closures.

The project will be broken into four phases affecting airport operations:

  • Phase 1: Midfield Taxiways (from D to G)
  • Phase 2: South Airport Taxiways (from F to H)
  • Phase 3: North Airport Taxiways (from B to E)
  • Phase 4: Runway

A new electrical control system and backup generator are included. The airport’s rotating beacon will be replaced with a new system and relocated closer to the runway. Engineering, design, and environmental reviews were completed with the assistance of Century West Engineering. The contractor is Colvico, Inc. The project is funded in part via federal and state grants under the FAA Airport Improvement Program and WSDOT Aviation Airport Grant Program. Not all expenses of this project were grant-eligible. Approximate percentage contributions are 90% FAA, 3.5% WSDOT Aviation, and 6.5% Port of Bremerton.

Construction commences on Monday, July 27 and will continue until November 1.

One minor but notable feature of this project: The airport’s rotating beacon on the east side of the runway operates automatically at night. It is also required to operate during daytime when less than visual flight conditions exist. Currently, and notably inefficient, Port staff must constantly monitor airport weather conditions and – if visual flight conditions do not exist – must manually turn the beacon on, then turn the beacon off when better weather returns. This lighting project will automate the beacon based on automatically sensed and reported daytime weather conditions, a major improvement in use of staff while also ensuring compliance with lighting requirements when Port staff is not present on weekends and holidays.


South Hangar Project Phase 1 Site Development – July 6 – October 3:

Notice to Airmen:

Safety buffers for this project have resulted in the closure – for the duration of the project – of the unnamed taxiway west of and parallel to Taxiway A between Taxiway G and Taxiway H. Barriers block access to this taxiway.

This project addresses increasing demand for both corporate and general aviation hangars at Bremerton National Airport and is split into two phases. Phase 1 will provide three pad-ready sites for large corporate jet hangars (to be built by others). Plans for the future Phase 2 (timing TBD) include approximately 27-35 box and t-hangars of various sizes for general aviation aircraft, with the final configuration to be determined by an in-depth demand analysis of specific tenant needs. The completion of Phase 1, less actual hangar construction, is a prerequisite to moving forward with Phase 2. Phase 1 engineering, design, and environmental reviews were completed with the assistance of Century West Engineering. The contractor is Nordland Construction NW. The project is 100% funded by the Port of Bremerton.

Project start date was Monday, July 6 and will continue through October 3. Construction of the first corporate hangar will begin almost immediately upon completion and final acceptance of the three Phase 1 pad-ready sites. When both project phases are complete and built out, the final result will be similar to this depiction: