Wastewater Plant Improvements

Wastewater Plant Improvements


Awarded February 13, 2020

Notice of Inivtation for Proposal

Influent Pump Station Upgrade

Notice is hereby given that the Port of Bremerton is hereby seeking proposals for public works contract work for the upgrade of the influent pump station located at the Port's wastewater treatment facility. 

Scope and Nature of Work: The project consists of the supply and installation of two new submersible pumps, pump removal equipment, level sensing equipment and control panel for the existing pump station. The new pumping equipment must be complete operating system. Each pump shall be equipped with a 6.2 HP (maximum) submersible electric motor connected for operation on 480 volts, 3-phase, 60 hertz, 3 wire service with 60 feet of submersible cable suitable for submersible pump applications. The power cable shall be sized according to NEC and ICEA standards and have P-MSHA Approval. The control panel and associated control equipment shall include a VFD for each pump that will allow the speed to be selected to operate on two different duty points. The pump station must pump to one of two treatment systems: one with an operation TDH of 35.0-feet and the second with a TDH of 15.6-feet. Pumps must have a 4-inch suction and discharge.

Proposal submittale information and Site Visit: Submit propsals by November 1, 2019 at 2:00PM in a sealed envelope to: Port of Bremerton, Fred Salisbury, 5580 SW State Hwy 3, Bremerton, WA 98312. For a site visit call John Poppe (360)340-8372. For questions concerning the contract documents email Dale Richwine, P.E. daler@richenv.com