Port Terminal & Avian Building Sewer Lift Station Replacement


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Port Terminal & Avian Building Sewer Lift Station Replacement

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVENthat the PORT OF BREMERTON is hereby seeking proposals for public works contract work for the construction of the replacement of the Port Terminal & Avian Building Sewer Lift Station pumps and equipment located at 8850 State Hwy 3, Bremerton, WA 98312.

SCOPE AND NATURE OF WORK: Construction consists of the replacement of existing pumps and the integrated fittings, the replacement and upgrading to the wiring and control panel, retrofitting to a rated 2-hp explosion-proof grinder pump system and discharge piping, the repair of transducer sewage level sensors, the installation of a stainless-steel pump lift-out rail assemblies and concrete flat top with access hatch, and the installation of control panels with audible and visual alarms in an all-weather enclosure.

PROPOSAL SUBMITTAL INFORMATION AND SITE VISIT: Submit proposals by January 31, 2023 at 2:00 PM in a sealed envelope to: Port of Bremerton, James “Goody” Goodman, 8850 SW State Hwy 3, Bremerton, Washington 98312. For a site visit call 360-813-0814 or e-mail jamesg@portofbremerton.org.

CONTRACT ISSUES: This work is considered a public work contract under RCW Chapter 39. The successful contractor will be required to execute a short form contract with the Port. Among other requirements, Port public works contracts are subject to the following:

  1. Prevailing Wage Provision: The workers of all contractors and subcontractors on all Port "public works" as defined by RCW 39.04.010, shall be paid the "prevailing rate of wage" including "usual benefits" and overtime, paid in the locality as those terms are defined by Chapter 39.12 RCW. The contractor is responsible for obtaining and completing all required government forms and submitting same to the proper authorities. In accordance with RCW 39.12.030, applicable prevailing wage rates can be found online at http://www.lni.wa.gov/TradesLicensing/PrevWage/WageRates/default.asp.
  2. Retainage: By state law, the Port is required to retain five percent (5%) of the total contract amount for 30 days after final acceptance or until required state certificates of release are provided to the Port, whichever date is later.
  3. Bond Requirements: The entity submitting the successful proposal will be required to deliver to the Port prior to contract signing a satisfactory performance bond in an amount equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the contract price. On contracts of one hundred fifty thousand dollars ($150,000) or less, the contractor may, in lieu of the bond, allow the Port to retain ten percent (10%) of the contract amount for up to 30 days following the date of final acceptance or until the retainage mentioned in B. above can be released as provided by law, whichever date is later.
  4. Insurance. Contractor agrees to obtain at its own cost and expense, public liability insurance with combined bodily injury and property damage limits in the amount of $1,000,000 in a form satisfactory to the Port of Bremerton, naming the Port as an additional insured. Such insurance shall not be diminished or rescinded without first giving the Port thirty (30) days written notice.


The contract will be awarded to the party submitting the "lowest responsible proposal," subject to any products and/or vendor preferences provided by applicable Washington State laws, taking into consideration the quality of the articles proposed to be supplied, their conformity with specifications, and the purposes for which required. The Port may reject any and all proposals.

In determining "lowest responsible proposal," in addition to price and other factors outlined above, the following elements will be given serious consideration in determining the lowest responsible proposal:

  1. The ability, capacity, and skill of the proposer to perform the contract or provide the service required;
  2. The character, integrity, reputation, judgment, experience, and efficiency of the proposer;
  3. The quality of performance of previous contracts;
  4. The previous and existing public works contract law compliance;
  5. The convenience and availability of service;
  6. Such other information the Port may secure which has a bearing on the decision to award the contract.
  7. Satisfactory check on Department of Labor and Industries Employer Account and current UBI Account.

If a bidder is determined to be non-responsive, the bidder will be notified by the Port in writing (electronic) as to the deficient criteria and allowed two working days to appeal the Port’s determination in writing.

Failure to properly complete this form may be cause for rejection of proposal.

Invitation for Proposal Package: