Port of Bremerton wins Job Creator of the Year award

Date: May 21, 2021

The Port of Bremerton was awarded the 2021 Job Creator of the Year by the Washington Public Ports Association (WPPA) at the association’s Spring Conference.

Port Commissioners and staff were pleased to be awarded this prestigious award. This recognition, presented by WPPA President Kathy Pittis, goes to the Port that best exemplifies growth in the creation of sustainable, living wage jobs for the community which increases economic opportunity.  

“I am honored to receive this recognition from the Association and amongst my fellow Port colleagues.  This particular award is very meaningful because it ties in directly with our Commissioners’ mission to create jobs and improve the economy for our community,” Port CEO Jim Rothlin said. “Staff has put in tremendous effort over the last five years to create opportunities for job creation and it is very satisfying to see their hard work show results. Congratulations to them and to Commissioners Cary Bozeman, Axel Strakeljahn, and Gary Anderson who create the Port’s vision.”

Over the past five years, jobs at the Port increased 255%, bringing in high-quality, living wage, and impactful jobs for the community. As the number of Port tenants has grown, those tenants have helped the community by creating interest in others to expand in the area. By creating more local positions and increasing the number of high-quality jobs offered, commute times have reduced and the quality of life for the community has improved.

“I am proud that our team at the Port of Bremerton is committed to our mission of growing our region’s economy and creating new good paying jobs,” Port Commissioner Cary Bozeman said. “We more than doubled the number of companies working at the Port in the past five years and I am excited about our future."

Read the full award submission at WPPA 2021 Job Creator of the Year Award Submission.