Harper Pier: Address 9969 SE Southworth Dr, Port Orchard, WA 98366
Harper Pier grand openingHarper Pier grand opening

Harper Pier – An Historic Pier, Now a Recreational Hub

Harper Pier has seen enormous success since its grand reopening. Operated and maintained by the Port, the Pier is a community and regional recreational asset. People have been using the newly reconstructed pier for all types of recreational activities that the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

The Pier – Past and Present

Built in the 1880's and used as a dock for Mosquito Fleet steamboats, it was rebuilt in 1919 to serve auto ferries and continued to do so until the early 1960's. Since that time, Harper Pier served as a recreational facility mainly for fishing and diving. The effects of time, weather and the hostile marine environment took a toll on the structure leading to very much needed replacement.

Thanks to strong community support and several sources of grant funding, Construction of the Pier was completed in January 2015 with a community ribbon cutting celebration hosted by Congressman Derek Kilmer on January 16.

State-of-the-Art Design

The Pier welcomes the diving, fishing, crabbing and squidding community as well as photographers, the Washington Audubon society and nature enthusiasts alike. Divers find the Pier a popular setting for underwater exploring of a fishing trawler, a powerboat wreck as well as a sea anemone that provides a unique diving experience.

Award-Winning Community Asset

The Port of Bremerton received the 2015 “Tourism Vision” Award for the project as, “Best New Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Location”. The Pier has been designated as part of the national water trails system. If you haven’t had a chance to explore the new Pier, all times of day are worth the visit! Click here to view the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Map.

Harper Pier Maintenance Items+

Completed 07-06-2022Reported 07-06-2022; Lock and hasp repaired same day
Completed 06-03-2022Electrical repairs to grounding wires
Completed 06-02-2022Staff conducted repairs when parts arrived
Completed 05-31-2022Staff conducted seawall inspection
Completed 05-20-2022Moved from BREM to Harper
Completed 05-19-2022Repaired Damaged Gangway
Completed 04-10-2022Repairs due to vandalism
Completed 03-14-2022Repairs of damaged lights
Completed 02-15-2022Repaired same day
Completed 01-13-2022Electrical repair to reset breaker
Completed 12-08-2021Removed float - stored at BREM
Completed 12-07-2021Repaired gangway to float late due to elec.
Completed 12-06-2021Electrical contractor weather and parts delay
Completed 11-05-2021Float out later for use by elec. contractor
Completed 10-26-2021Float for electrical contractor during work
Completed 10-16-2021Electrical repairs to grounding wires
Completed 08-19-2021Port staff cleared debris and garbage
Completed 08-10-2021Repaired electrical circuit and new project prep
Completed 08-02-2021Repaired Damaged Lighting
Completed 07-21-2021Port staff cleared debris and garbage
Completed 07-17-2021Repaired electrical circuits and preparation
Completed 05-21-2021Moved from BREM to Harper
Completed 05-20-2021Repaired damaged gangway
Completed 03-02-2021Repaired damaged lighting
Completed 01-22-2021Electrical repairs to breaker
Completed 2021Ongoing throughout year
Completed 12-19-2020Conducted one day repair
Completed 11-16-2020Delay due to lighting parts on backorder
Completed 10-16-2020Removed float - stored at BREM
Completed 10-16-2020Electrical repairs to grounding wires
Completed 10-15-2020Inspected pilings, corrosion, and foundations
Completed 10-13-2020Repaired gangway to float
Completed 09-22-2020Conducted one day repair
Completed 08-30-2020Conducted one day repair
Completed 07-30-2020Kitsap Co. Sherriff involved, increased patrols
Completed 07-24-2020Conducted one day repair
Completed 06-17-2020Large debris, abandoned equipment
Completed 06-05-2020Moved BREM to Harper
Completed 04-17-2020Statewide COVID Shutdown for March-April
Completed 03-06-2020Conducted one day repair
Completed 2020Ongoing throughout year
Completed 12-20-2019Conducted one day repair
Completed 12-09-2019Conducted one day repair
Completed 11-14-2019Conducted one day repair
Completed 11-04-2019Removed float - stored at BREM
Completed 10-26-2019J. Heytvelt email, damage repaired
Completed 10-25-2019Fixture replaced, outlets repaired
Completed 08-21-2019Conducted one day repair
Completed 07-25-2019Repaired damage next day with new parts
Completed 06-27-2019Secured additional light fixtures
Completed 06-22-2019Electrical repairs to grounding wires
Completed 05-31-2019Removed debris, seaweed, fish cleaning etc.
Completed 05-09-2019Repaired damage to gangway
Completed 05-07-2019Moved from BREM to Harper
Completed 05-06-2019Float repairs in preparation for summer
Completed 02-15-2019Conducted one day repair
Completed 01-17-2019Conducted one day repair
Completed 2019Ongoing throughout year
Completed 12-13-2018 Conducted one day repair
Completed 11-30-2018Conducted one day repair
Completed 11-06-2018Preparation for future capital project
Completed 11-01-2018Light repaired same day
Completed 10-05-2018Outlet repair needed parts, next day
Completed 2018Ongoing throughout year
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