Marine On-Call A/E Services

Marine On-Call Engineering Services

Consultant Agreement

Port of Bremerton 

Request for Qualifications For Architectural/Egineering (A/E) Services Port of Bremerton Marine Facilities

The Port of Bremerton (Port) is requesting interested firms to submit their qualifications for architectural and engineering services to support the maintenance, repair, and new project development over a five-year period at the Port's Marine Facilities. These facilities currently include two recreational marinas (approximately 825 berths total), two boat ramps, and one recreational pier. The work will consist of "on-call" engineering services in response to emergent maintenance or repair situations, and consultation on the development of new marine facilities projects.


Qualifications will only be accepted from firms that can demonstrate having a broad background and extensive experience in the field of marine facilities A/E services. 

  • Primary competency areas: civil, structural, mechanical, electrical and architectural/panning.
  • Secondary competency areas: geotechnical, coastal/ocean, environmental/permitting, construction management.

Three copies of your Statement of Qualifications must be received at the Port of Bremerton by 3:00 pm, April 16, 2021, 8850 SW State Highway 3, Bremerton, WA 98312, Attentional James Weaver, Marine Facilities Director. For questions concerning this request, email at

Submittals will be evaluated by the below-listed criteria. They should be organized and identified in the same order. Limit the submission to ten (double sided, single spaced) pages excluding resumes and key personnel. Resumes should be limited to two pages for each individual. 

  1. Capability to perform work: Document recent experience in project support in marine facilities comparable to those of the Port, the quality of projects previously undertaken, and capability to complete projects without major cost escalations or overruns. Include client contract information for key projects listed.
  2. Key personnel professional qualification, experience, and availability for the proposed work; their reputation, professional integrity and competence; and their knowledge of Washington state and federal regulations, policies, and procedures related to marine construction in the Puget Sound.
  3. Qualifications and experience of outside consultants regularly engaged to support marine projects.
  4. Evidence that the consultant has made good faith efforts in meeting goals in equal opportunity in employment and in support of Disadvataged Business Enterprises (DBE).
  5. Capability of a branch office that will do the work to perform indenpendently of the home office, or conversely, its capability to obtain necessary support from the home office.


The Selection of the firm to do the work will be done by a Port review committee. After the deadline for receipt of qualifications, the committee will review the qualifications and may select one firm to negotiate base upon the mutually-understood, general (as opposed to detail) scope of work. If deemed necessary by the committee, two (but now more than three) firms may be invited for interviews.

The Port reserves the right to negotiate with or award a contract to other consultants sequentially ranked by the committee behind the selected consultant in the event that the Port and the selected consultant negotiate but are unable to agree upon a detailed sope of work or cost of contract or if the selected consultant is unable to do the work for any reason.


No cost of fee schedule shall be submitted. Cost and fee information will be presented and addressed during contract negotiation after the selection of the most qualified consultant.