Port of Bremerton’s Bremerton National Airport starting construction for new hangars

Date: Jun 29, 2020
South Hangar LocationSouth Hangar Location
South Hangar RenderingSouth Hangar Rendering

The Port of Bremerton is excited to announce that construction for the infrastructure of Phase 1’s new Bremerton National Airport hangars is starting this year. Most Puget Sound airports have a waiting list for hangar space so the new hangar additions will greatly help general and corporate aviation in the area.

The hangars will be completed in two phases. Pad-ready space for three corporate hangars will be built in Phase 1. Those leasing the corporate hangar space will be building their own hangars. Phase 2 plans include 27-35 box and t-hangars of various sizes to house general aviation aircraft.

“We’re excited to be able to expand the airport hangar space and continue to serve the Puget Sound pilots to the best of our abilities.” Airport Manager Warren Hendrickson said. “There’s a huge shortage of hangars in the area and we’re glad to help be part of the solution.”

Once construction starts, the infrastructure for Phase 1 will be completed in 90 days.