Board of Commissioners

The Port of Bremerton Board of Commissioners is comprised of three commissioners, elected from separate commissioner districts in the primary election, then at-large in the general election, each serving 6-year terms.

The port commission, like a city council or county commission, is a quasi-legislative body that establishes policies to guide the development, growth and operation of each port's facilities and functions to guide the port. Some of their policies or decisions might involve adopting plans, establishing positions and setting employment policies, buying or selling real estate and other property, setting rates, adopting budgets, and levying taxes. They also oversee the hiring of professional staff who administer established policies.

Port commissioners are accountable for their actions under many of the state's civil and criminal laws. They're also accountable to the people since they'll have to stand for election at the end of their term, and in extreme cases, can be recalled by the voters during their term.