Harper Pier Grand Re-opening

Harper Pier

9860 SE Southworth Dr. 


Thank you to all that participated in a beach cleanup that was a mitigation requirement for construction of the new Harper Recreational Pier. It was a huge success!!

The Harper Recreational Pier was closed in November 2012 and deconstructed in February 2013. Permits are in place and design for a new pier has been completed. Community meetings were held throughout the process and there was discussion and input on options for future uses of the pier.  The project has been award and construction has begun. The project was largely funded by Department of Natural Resources(DNR); State Capital Fund Appropriation; and Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA) grant.

Photos courtesy of Jim Heytvelt, Friends of Harper Pier, showing the start of in-water construction on September 29, 2014:


The Harper Pier is a community and regional recreational asset which is operated and maintained by the Port of Bremerton as provided for in a lease from the owner of the tidelands and pier, Washington State Department of Natural Resources. The wood construction Harper Pier was a legacy facility built in the 1880's and was used as a dock for Mosquito Fleet steamboats. It was rebuilt in 1919 to serve auto ferries and continued to do so until the early 1960's. Since that time, Harper Pier served as a recreational facility mainly for fishing and diving. The effects of time, weather, and the hostile marine environment took a toll on the structure.

Links are provided below to early  community meeting information, a report by engineering firm PND providing a Facility Assessment Opinion and Alternatives for future uses, and other information related to the reconstruction of the pier:

Click here to view the Kitsap Peninsula Water Trails Map.

PND Engineers Inc. – Harper Dock-Future Planning Report

Harper Pier Sign