Kitsap Aerospace & Defense Alliance

KADAKADA (Kitsap Aerospace and Defense Alliance) is a public-private consortium converned to capitalize on the opportunities for business growth and attraction arising from the significant expansion of the aerospace industry, both commercial and defense, in the Central Puget Sound regional economy over the next decade. A detailed white paper background on KADA can be found in the “Why Kitsap” document adopted by the Alliance on December 15, 2011.  This Strategic Plan is intended to be a flexible document meant to guide the Alliance’s objectives and work in a dynamic global industry.

VISION STATEMENT:  To advance Kitsap County as a market leader in the innovation and advanced manufacturing of products, goods and services for the aerospace and defense industries.

MISSION STATEMENT:  To position and promote Kitsap County to retain, expand and attract aerospace and defense industry investment and employment through the development and execution of a comprehensive, integrated and strategic workforce – infrastructure – facilities – and marketing plan; a plan with a focus on leveraging the attributes and assets of the South Kitsap Industrial Area (SKIA) and Bremerton National Airport (BNA).

KADA goes to London:

KADA delegation wastes no time by meeting with Northrup Grumman and Govenor Inslee one day before the Farnborough Air Show commenced in London. KADA delegation also meets with United Technologies to discuss
business opportunities to convince Aerospace companies that Kitsap County in Washington State is the perfect location for their company.

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