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Regional and World-Wide Connections

  • Excellent access to deep-water ports, Seattle, Tacoma, and Grays Harbor
  • On-site rail connections
  • Interstate 5 accessibility to markets from Vancouver, British Columbia to San Diego, California
  • Overnight couriers, FedEx and UPS operate through Bremerton National Airport

Excellent Work Force, Superior Training

Alhough the Port of Bremerton area of Kitsap County is noted for its economical infrastructure and lifestyle, its greatest asset is its workforce. It ranges from former navy personnel eager to stay in the area, ex-Seattle/Redmond technologists looking for more livable surroundings, or graduates of our local colleges and technology training centers ready to use their talents in manufacturing or skilled labor. Our labor pool is stable, energetic, and reliable.*

Kitsap County offers employers and employees a number of work and lifestyle advantages that helps attract – and keep – a top-notch workforce. At the top of the list: short, nearly congestion-free commute times; affordable cost of living; family-friendly communities; offices and homes that overlook stunning Pacific Northwest scenery; and numerous cultural and recreational opportunities. 

Labor Pool Sample

Discharged and Retired Military Personnel

The people who have been discharged from the Armed Forces are highly skilled individuals with the knowlege, training and work ethic most employers desire and the added security clearances some employers require. Many of the 3,000 young men and women discharged each year choose to stay in the area and are eager to enter the civilian workforce. Many retiring Navy personnel have already purchased homes in the area and have become active members of the community.

Military Dependents

The spouses and children of active duty military personnel bring a wide range of knowledge from a variety of backgrounds. Spouses are highly diligent, motivated, intelligent workers who have experience in a variety of industries and can adapt the skills they have acquired easily to new work environments.


Almost half of Kitsap County's residents in the workforce now travel to work sites outside the county. Many of them would like to remain close to home and avoid the cost and inconvenience of commuting by working locally. Here's a quick profile of these workers

  • 50% Professional/Technical
  • 15% Management
  • 12% Administrative Support
  • 10% Craft/Production/Labor
  • 8% Customer Service
  • 5% Sales/Marketing

*Information supplied by Kitsap Economic Development Alliance

Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ) #216

One of a limited number of large acreage industrial park zones in the nation. FTZ status will save money on imported parts for your firm's products. Your firm will pay no tariffs on any imported raw materials used in those products when the products are shipped overseas. If these processed products are sold in the U.S., you pay duty only when the product is shipped and only on the amount of foreign materials that went into the product, note the wastage. Our FTZ status gives you an edge over your competitors.

Our Business Friendly Attitude

The Port of Bremerton and Kitsap County’s business climate are as healthy as our environment. Local chambers of commerce, economic development officials, and local leaders in government work diligently with key agencies to ensure permitting, processing, licensing, and taxes are minimal, expedited, and equitable.

Our county has a skilled workforce of approximately 125,000, with approximately 35% of workers commuting to jobs in the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan centers. Local jobs are found in mostly non-agricultural businesses and in thousands of sole proprietorships.

Simply put, the Port of Bremerton is a better place to locate a business. We have cutting edge fiber optic telecommunications, with easy access to air, shipping, and rail lines.

Kitsap County has a great workforce, uncongested internal roadways, and desirable locations and communities for businesses and individuals to call home.

Nearly 1,000 people work in jobs located at the Port of Bremerton. And, we’re always looking for quality businesses to re-locate to the Port of Bremerton.

About half of the jobs in Kitsap County are with military, federal civil service, and private sector defense contractor or secondary support services jobs. They directly or indirectly support major Navy installations, including the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard  (PSNS), Naval  Base Kitsap,  Naval Undersea Warfare Center Division Keyport, and  Naval Hospital Bremerton.

Kitsap County has continued on its pathway of growing stronger and more vibrant communities. With nearly 10,000 net new jobs created over the last five years, economic opportunities remain strong. Kitsap job growth has increased an average of 2% per year.



Bremerton, the largest city on the Kitsap Peninsula, is home of the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

Downtown Bremerton is experiencing a renaissance, starting with the new Transportation Center, Kitsap Conference Center, a new hotel on the city's waterfront overlooking the beautiful new Bremerton Marina. A new government center, which provides combined governmental services in a single building, anchors the town's revitalized core.

Already contributing to the downtown revitalization are art galleries, the Admiral Theatre, museums and many quaint shops and restaurants.

Bremerton is a safe, environmentally clean community (an hour's ferry ride from downtown Seattle) where you can visit the Navy destroyer Turner Joy, stroll along a delightful block-long waterfront promenade. Check out the new Kitsap Conference Center Plaza with its fascinating fountains, and enjoy a bounty of seasonal community events and concerts.

The beautiful new Bremerton Marina has over 2,100 feet of public access to Sinclair Inlet.

Downtown has three museums, in one block, within walking distance of the ferries.

The city's parks are a source of community pride, offering visitors excellent picnic grounds, ball fields and one of the nation's premier golf courses, the challenging 36-hole Gold Mountain Municipal course.

For more information about Bremerton, visit the Visit Kitsap Peninsula website:

Port Orchard

Port Orchard’s identity is anchored in its connections to the past. Originally a booming lumber town called Sidney, Port Orchard became Kitsap County’s first incorporated city in 1890. It wooed the county seat away from Port Madison on Bainbridge Island in 1893 and remains the center of county government.

The city is located just south of Bremerton across the Sinclair Inlet. The passenger-only ferry, known as the "foot ferry", links the two cities.

Downtown Port Orchard offers a variety of shopping including antiques, gifts and crafts, and a variety of dining options.

Arriving by water, you'll find the Port Orchard Marina, owned and operated by the Port of Bremerton. This popular marina helps make Port Orchard a favored boating destination. Marina Park, with its boardwalk and covered gazebo, offers beach access and is the site of the summer outdoor Farmer's Market.

For more information about Port Orchard, visit the Kitsap Visitors and Convention Bureau website: