Airport Properties

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Bremerton National Airport (BNA) offers land, buildings, and office space for lease. Please use the menu items above to view what is currently available.

BNA is located within the Puget Sound Industrial Center - Bremerton which is south of the Bremerton watershed property and is adjacent to Mason County to the west along State Route 3.

Along with the airport, the Port of Bremerton's main offices and industrial land are located in this area along with large portions of heavily forested land. PSIC-B is expected to be an economic driver for the region at large, providing more than 9,000 jobs over a 20-year time frame. 

For a complete overview of the PSIC-B Sub-Area Plan, please click here.

Current Available Property 

South Hangar Development Area:
South Hangar Property - Bremerton National Airport

North Apron Development Area:
North Apron Area - Bremerton National Airport