January 26, 2016, Commission Meeting

Meeting Date: 
Tuesday, January 26, 2016 - 6:00pm
Meeting Type: 
Regular Session
Agenda Package: 
Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Approval of Agenda
Consent Items
All matters listed under Consent Items have been distributed to each member of the Commission for reading and study, are considered to be routine, and will be enacted by one motion of the Commission with no separate discussion.  If separate discussion is desired, that item may be removed from the Consent Items and placed under Action Items by request.
A.     Minutes of the regular business meeting and executive session of January 12, 2016.
B.     Payment of checks #101242 through #101279 and #73125 through #73131 and #73141 through #73212 from the General Fund for $399,192.90; #73132 through #73140 from the Construction Fund for $40,230.11 and the payment of payroll taxes for $17,183.50.
C.     Fund Transfer Resolutions:
·         Resolution 2016-05 monthly transfer to the General Fund: $110,971.14 from the Airport Fund; $198,406.80 from the Harbor Fund; $42,668.51 from the Airport-Industrial Development Fund.
·         Resolution 2016-06 transferring $74,000.00 from the General Fund to the Airport Fund.
D.     Kitsap Bank Resolutions of Corporation authorizing certain individuals as signers on the Port’s Kitsap Bank Payroll, Checking, Money Market, Deposit, Security Deposit, and Security Deposit SR3 Accounts.
Information Items
1.       Spec Building Opportunities, CEO Jim Rothlin
Work Study Session
  1. USS Turner Joy Preservation – Mayor Patty Lent

Citizen Comments:  Open to the public for comment on subjects not listed on the agenda. Speakers are asked to keep their comments to less than 3 minutes. A Commissioner may request to waive the 3 minute time limit. Please feel free to submit further comments in writing to the Clerk of the Board.
Action Items
New Business
Staff Reports
Commission Reports
Executive Session (if necessary)

Regular business and other meetings that may be attended by members of the Board
Date Time Meeting
01/26/16 10 am West Sound Alliance Working Group
01/26 12:30 pm Kitsap Aerospace & Defense Alliance (KADA) Steering Committee
01/26 6 pm *Commission Regular Meeting – Bill Mahan Conference Room
01/28 7 am Kitsap Economic Development Alliance Decision Makers Breakfast
01/28 10 am Puget Sound Regional Council Executive Board
02/02 10:15 am Kitsap Regional Coordinating Council Executive Board
02/09 6 pm *Commission Regular Meeting – Bill Mahan Conference Room

Meetings are subject to change or cancellation
*Denotes events in which two (2) or more Commissioners may attend